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Shiok Consulting supports you and your organisation in the areas of transformation, development, and conflict resolution.


unbiased and independent – we assist you to determine your company’s needs and objectives 



we support you in managing and implementing what you need to reach your objectives



we help you overcome cross-cultural barriers and to tap into your and your organisation’s full potential through executive coaching and training



we guide you to effectively resolve conflicts, resulting in improved relationships in your workplace or personal environment

Expat Services

Shiok offers these services based on the need to regularly reassess and evolve strategic goals, develop human capital, and continually improve the way to work to remain successful in today’s challenging and dynamic world. 

Our clear focus is on you as our client, and we perform everything with you in mind, without a hidden sales agenda or  pressure to sell you more than you need!


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assists the leadership to determine what the company needs to work on to reach its goals.

Analysis & Assessment

offers the basis to identify the strategic focus, issues, and areas for improvement in a whole organization or business area, getting it ready for change or even opening up new areas of business.

We perform analyses and assessments, or can support the identification of opportunities or risks – all with a clear focus on the client, independent and unbiased!

Sparring Partner

helps you to discuss sensitive areas and new ideas with a trustable person outside of your company, sounding ideas outside of your inner circle.

We can act as sparring partner and offer you a platform to discuss any ideas or issues with a trustworthy, independent advisor.


supports the management and implementation of what you need to reach your objectives.

Interim Management

helps to bridge capacity constraints or outright gaps.

We are able to step in to strengthen or fill specific management positions on short notice.

Project Management

brings the concepts defined into action. Project management is not only about the right tools and methods, such as project planning, reporting, issue lists, and regular team meetings. It first and foremost requires very good communication and relationship management skills as well as a deep desire to work closely with people.

We support your projects, through expertise or hands-on involvement to get things done.

Change Management

deals with all aspects of helping people cope with change and therefore developing an organization from the present into a new desired state.

We take an active role in your change activities, e.g. through stakeholder analyses, organizational development, training & communication conception and planning. This is always done partnering closely with the client’s teams.

Shiok can also offer support and leadership across various other tasks with the objective to improve a client’s organization, such as business & process analysis, organizational design, operational improvement, or risk & issue management.


helps you and your organisation to overcome barriers and to reach the full potential.

Leadership Development

enables leaders to prepare for a new position within the organization or develop further in their current role, helping them to enhance the quality of necessary capabilities, such as decision-making skills, personal, emotional, and social skills.

We can work with you to help you and others in your organization to tap into the full potential.

Executive Coaching

assists leaders to ready themselves for change, to adjust to the ever-changing environment and the challenges of their positions, as well as to clarify and work towards their professional and personal goals.

We can support you as an executive coach, discussing not only professional aspects but looking at all areas you might feel need some evolvement.

Expat Services

Cultural Development

provides our clients with a bridge, in particular between Switzerland and Asia, through our on-location experience and existing network spanning continents.

We can help train staff to prepare for postings abroad (from Asia to Switzerland or vice versa) or dealing with a diverse clientele, as well as support a client’s venture overseas directly through our network on both sides.

Expat Services


is an effective way of conflict resolution, offering all parties a high degree of participation and involvement and therefore the feeling of control over the process and the outcome.

How does Mediaton work?

The Mediation Process

Commercial Mediation

to solve conflicts within an organization with a low level of external intrusion, making the process minimally invasive, ensuring buy-in from all affected parties as much as necessary.

We can act as independent mediator guiding the parties to finding an amicable but sustainable solution.

Blog – Commercial Mediation

Family Mediation

to step in as an independent mediator even in sensitive family situations by guiding you through a structured process that is always privat & confidential.

We can help you define the best outcome for all members involved that ensures best interestes are preserved.

Expat Services