Expat Support

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Do you feel like you – or your family – are having trouble integrating and finding your way around?


Talk to us! Together, we can define what helps you most to feel at home.

We provide Integration Support if you are an expat, expat spouse, or returning home (to Switzerland or Singapore).


we assist you – as an expat, an expat spouse, or if you are returning home – in determining your needs and objectives and help you  tap into your full potential through coaching 


we guide you to effectively resolve conflicts, resulting in improved relationships in your family and personal environment

Integration Support

we help you overcome cross-cultural barriers and we support you towards your successful longer-term integration

Open Ears

unbiased and independent – we can act as an independent go-to-person to talk to about any issues you are facing

We are discreet, unbiased, completely independent, and experienced!

Give us a call or send us an email
– it will only cost you a few minutes

Our research shows:

The vast majority of all respondents agree that an additional offering supporting expat families fulfils a need!

o  The availability of an independent go-to person is an important asset for expats.

o  Social integration is important to feel ‘at home’ but it is not easy to make friends here.

o  Coaching and mediation become more important support services the longer an expat is in Switzerland.

o  Support for the expat spouse is a critical factor – but seems hard to get.

Quotes from Expats:

“Something bespoke to the family in question is missing. It can be frustrating when you’re uprooting your entire family and the employer won’t recognise the unique needs of your family.”

Expat in Switzerland

“There should be more guidance, support, and advice for the trailing spouses.”

Expat in Switzerland

“… integration here [in Switzerland] cannot happen without professional support as the Swiss culture makes socializing with locals virtually impossible.”

Expat in Switzerland