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Shiok AG
 is a consulting and advisory company, able to support you and your organisation in the areas of transformation, development, and conflict resolution.

Shiok AG was established in Switzerland in 2019 as a sister company to Gecco Pte. Lte. (founded in 2008 in Singapore). Shiok builds on our successful track record of providing value-adding services to our clients for more than a decade.

Gecco Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Our clients benefit from our experience in multiple industries and functions, our long-standing experience across the different service areas we support, and, last but not least, from our firsthand understanding of distinctions between different cultures and work styles.

And – we can always rely on our vast network spanning across continents!

With Shiok in Switzerland and Gecco in Singapore we offer clients a valuable bridge to venture beyond their home turf both in Europe and in Asia!

Definition of  „shiok“ in the Oxford English Dictionary:

shiok, int. and adj.
Singapore English.
A. int.
Expressing admiration or approval: ‘cool!’ ‘great!’
B. adj.
1. Of food, a meal, etc.: delicious, superb.
2. As a general term of approval: admirable, enjoyable, excellent.

full definition

Geckos are not only our link to Gecco Pte. Ltd., they also symbolize the positive traits adaptability and nimbleness and stand for transformation and regeneration.


Shiok Consulting supports you and your organisation in the areas of transformation, development, and conflict resolution.


unbiased and independent – we assist you to determine your company’s needs and objectives



we support you in managing and implementing what you need to reach your objectives



we help you overcome cross-cultural barriers and to tap into your and your organisation’s full potential through executive coaching and training



we guide you to effectively resolve conflicts, resulting in improved relationships in your workplace or personal environment


Shiok offers these services based on the need to regularly reassess and evolve strategic goals, develop human capital, and continually improve the way to work to remain successful in today’s challenging and dynamic world. 

Our clear focus is on you as our client, and we perform everything with you in mind, without a hidden sales agenda or pressure to sell you more than you need! 

Check out some of the things we have done!

Latest News:

Webinar Mediation & Arbitration with SwissCham Singapore – April 6, 2022

The Shiok Team

Shiok AG combines the in-depth expertise and long standing experience of its founders and managing directors.

Dr. Beatrice Herrmann

Managing Director

I can offer broad experience from a wide range of projects. Throughout my career, I have worked across multiple jurisdictions, cultures, and industries with insurance companies, wealth management advisors, as well as with corporate and institutional banking providers.

I enjoy working with companies and individual clients, supporting them to identify their needs, developing and implementing solutions with them, offering Leadership Development, Coaching and Mediation for individuals and teams to help find the best possible outcomes for specific problems.


Roland C. Moser, CFA, FRM, PMP

Managing Director

During my career, I have covered a broad range of functions, spanning from operations, compliance, risk management, and finance all the way to general management and strategy setting.

I coordinated and managed internal and external service providers and cross-cultural teams across multiple locations. I like acting as an enabler – managing and coordinating interdisciplinary projects or building up / re-structuring a business with solid operations to support it – while making use of my analytical, structuring and problem-solving skills.  My ability to think out-of-the-box and seeing the bigger picture come in handy for this.


Check out some of the things we have done in the past:

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Shiok can help you and your organization to develop and improve – contact us if you require our expertise and support!

Contact info

Gotthardstrasse 31
CH-6300 Zug

Dr. Beatrice Herrmann
+41 (0)79 667 38 54 

Roland Moser
+41 (0)79 249 15 41